Marinating With Hopp’d & Brew’d - Tips by Justin, narration by Jeremy

No doubt you are getting ready to bust out that grill on a full time basis!  Unless you are blessed to live in Florida, Arizona, California, or any other super warm place that doesn’t receive snow, you can’t wait for the smell of a grill on a hot summer day.  I mean it was The Fresh Prince himself, back in 91’ who said, “The smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia.”  The grill reminds us of simpler times, family parties, cold beers, bonfires, and great food!

Before you fire up that grill, how is your marinade?  Step back and take a look at marinades before dropping some serious meat on that heat.  Below are a few Hopp’d & Brew’d Marinating tips.  


Bathing your food in even the simplest ingredients will enhance everything from fish to pork chops to veggies. That said, marinades won’t necessarily penetrate all foods. Beef and poultry, for instance, are too dense to allow most compounds beyond their surface, so flavor will be concentrated on the exterior. A few porous veggies like eggplant and mushrooms can absorb huge amounts of marinade, and marinade is also trapped in the strange crevices of broccoli and shrimp.  Maximizing surface area maximizes flavor, as it does for these Hopp’d & Brew’d Buffalo Chicken Kabobs.  


Acids like vinegar, yogurt and citrus juices have some ability to tenderize meats, but again this is concentrated on the surface; these ingredients won’t penetrate very far beyond the exterior. For greatest impact, use thinner cuts like skirt or flank steak, as we did in our Honey Q Steak with Grilled Veggies. Seafood is an exception to the rule.  Keep marinating time short between 20-30 minutes.  Otherwise, those acids may start to cook that bomb salmon you are about to make walk the plank!


Marinades add moisture to the surface of foods, and that can keep them from drying out on the grill. A marinade that contains oil also helps seal in juices and prevents sticking.  Bottom line, marinades help keep juiciness levels through the roof! You can try any of our Hopp’d & Brew’d Sauces as marinades to add a sweet and spiciness to just about anything.

There you have it! Get that grill ready, crank up the classic rock, throw on a Hopp’d & Brew’d t-shirt, grab a cold beer because you are about to take your grilling skills to level expert!


(These tips were adopted from a whole foods article found here)